The World Famous Apache Trail is closed at Fish Creek Hill.

We need your help to reopen this iconic Arizona Highway!

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In 2019, the 123,832 acre Woodbury Fire burned the Superstition Mountains.

Starting at the Woodbury trailhead in the Superstition Mountains, the Fire burned its way through the entire Superstition Wilderness. The Apache Trail was used as a firebreak to prevent the fire from moving north.

On September 23, 2019, Tropical Storm Lorena damaged the Apache Trail.

The once-in-a-lifetime storm dumped 6 inches of water in a matter of hours. Several culverts washed out and boulders pummeled Fish Creek Hill, the most scenic section of the Apache Trail.

ADOT indefinitely closed the most scenic part of the Apache Trail.

Due to the damage to Fish Creek Hill caused by Tropical Storm Lorena, the Arizona Department of Transportation indefinitely closed the most scenic section of the Apache Trail.

The road is now blocked by a large locked metal gate.

This closure affects:

  1. Access to the most historic and scenic highway in Arizona.
  2. Access to public lands in a highly popular recreation area.
  3. Local tourism and businesses throughout central Arizona.
  4. Law enforcement and Search and Rescue efforts.

Fish Creek Hill was not damaged by The Woodbury Fire.

ADOT continues to falsely claim the rockfall on Fish Creek Hill was caused by the Woodbury Fire. However, examining the official data shows the fire did not impact Fish Creek Hill.

Use the map below to examine the data.

Improvements to the eastern section of the Apache Trail do not include Fish Creek Hill.

Central Federal Lands has funded a project to upgrade and make improvements to the Apache Trail between Roosevelt Dam and Apache Lake in 2022.

However, these improvements DO NOT include the rockfall on Fish Creek Hill and will not restore motorized travel through the closed 7 mile section of the Apache Trail.

Please take action now!

With your help, we can re-open the entire Apache Trail!

We have made significant gains with local political leaders but we need your help! We need to ensure this historical treasure stays open for all.

Please tell our political representatives to repair and reopen the Apache Trail.

We have made it easy to send an email to Arizona Governor. Please use the form below to send our pre written email.

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The Apache Trail was designated as Arizona’s first historic highway.

The Apache Trail is an integral part of Arizona Statehood. It facilitated the construction of the first water project under the Bureau of Reclamation, and created the path for electricity into the township of Phoenix.

Committee Members

Jodi Akers

Owner – Mother Lode Mercantile

Apache Trail Historian

Apache Trail Tours 1993 – 2007

Kevin Allard

Founder –

Motorized Access Advocate

Kathy Schuster

Owner – Apache Lake Marina & Resort

1974 – 2021

Connie Van Driel

Pinal County Supervisors Office

District Administrator

Jeff Serdy

Pinal County Supervisor

District 5

Apache Trail Facts.

  • Since the closure, the Apache Trail has suffered additional damage from lack of maintenance.
  • The Tonto National Forest Burn Area Emergency Response Team claims that vegetation will need to regrow for 3-5 years before repairs can begin.
  • ADOT argues that repairs to the Apache Trail are not feasible until the Woodbury burn scar heals.
  • ADOT wants to forfeit the Apache Trail to other jurisdictions and claims it doesn’t meet the definition of a State Highway.
  • Economic impact from the Apache Trail closure can be felt in nearly every city and town for 100 miles.

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